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Watch Out For Dent Repair Scams

Avoid This Costly Dent repair Scam

Dents really stink. Getting them is a bummer, looking at them is a bummer, and paying to have them professionally removed is a bummer too. But if you are presented with a dent repair option that seems too good to be true, it may be, and a dent repair scam is the biggest bummer of them all.

Parking Lot Dent Repair

The dent repair scam goes like this; a man (or woman) walks up to you as you leave your vehicle, points out a dent on your car, and tells you that he or she can fix the damage. The scammer may claim to be a professional and even show you a business card. Don’t be fooled, the card is likely a fake and the phone number listed will just ring and ring and ring. The scammer will tell you that he can do the work in around thirty minutes and charge only $100 or so. This would be great, if it really worked that way.

Parking Lot Damage

The scammer will do some work to your vehicle if you allow them, but it’s not exactly a repair. The scammers will put some sort of goop over the dents on your vehicle, filling them in. Instead of painting over this goo, the scammer will tell you that it’s just a cover to protect the repair for the next 24 hours, and that when the goo comes off, the car will look as good as new. Not so. When you do remove this compound, which may be difficult and cause more damage, the dent will remain.

Have Dents Repaired the Right Way

Dent repair at Fisher Collision Center is not as expensive as you might think. Our body shop can often remove dents without the need to repaint or leave you vehicle for extended periods of time. Make an appointment to have those unsightly dents removed the right way, the right time, with our professional technicians and avoid being scammed.

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